Workshops and Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Storytelling, singing and dancing are still powerful ways of passing on teachings. Come and live a story with us and find wonders waiting for you.


Today’s world is pulling us away from our balanced selves. The teachings bring us back to that place and life instantly improves. Why deny yourself this gift?


Labelled as a purist, my greatest joy is to wander off into nature and capture what we forget; Mother Earth and all her living creatures. My next favorite, catching you on a candid shot; they are my best captured moments of you, a friend or someone special to you.

Gathering Roots

Yet to come in full force, Gathering Roots aims to recycle and re-use items to create new ones. We cannot undo what has been done on the level of evolution and commercialism, however, we can certainly shape tomorrow by not wasting and shopping with consideration. Gathering Roots offers such product which you can find in My Shop. Look for Gathering Roots and you will know it’s recycled item.


Purple Heart is a healing big drum, and invites those who cannot get close to medicine. What makes this drum, the purpleheart wood, holds great medicine and helps repel negative energy, opening the door for positive input and to encourage healthy changes. The road can be less than easy at times. Some choices can lead to heavy journeys and this drum brings a bit of light to help those who wish to move away from what no longer serves them into a more wholesome space. Give yourself that break, step into better things. The world deserves you to be in a good a place. So do you.


The teachings behind the medicines are sacred. They are important in helping with positive and successful events. Add a dose of strength in your goals, dreams, routine or any aspect of your life professional and or personal.

White Cloud Drum

Come and sit at our big drum and experience the amazing impact it has. White Cloud is a gentle learning drum and welcomes children.

My Shop

I enjoy creating and invite you to look at my shop; the thing you are looking for might be right here, just for you, a friend or for that someone.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a woman’s big drum which celebrates the teaching – You are in your boats and we are in our canoes. Together we share the same river of life. Woman have gone through a significant social transformation during this century. Many changes are still happening and the speed of how fast this evolution is going leaves a lot out of reach. Teachings, values and traditions make a woman strong and balanced, helping her to manifest good things. Red Dawn is a drum for changes and gives you that window where the teachings await you.